Tradewinds Recommendations

Trade Wind Preserve Users’ Recommendations to the

Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission

Video of the Landbank Meeting 8/26/2018

Trade Wind Preserve Users’ Recommendations to the

Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission

August 1, 2018

Dear Commissioners, Executive Director, and Staff;

At last Monday’s meeting (7/23/18), it was agreed that we should submit a proposal outlining our recommendations. While we believe removing the fence is still the best solution, we also feel working with you to make mutually agreeable modifications would go a long way to restoring trust and respect.


1. Move the new trail by County Road further from the road back to the original trail

2. Designate 2 crossover paths and install 3 gates to facilitate these two crossovers

3. Open up the Harthaven end of the Runway by removing the fence, allowing an alternative to the mandated wooded path up the side of the Runway path

4. Remove the fence starting from the exit of the woods on the Harthaven side to the steel pipe after the big tree.


The current trail setup changes the users’ experience by adding unnecessary distance and time. It also creates a challenging terrain. At the same time, it eliminates the vast vistas of the Taxiway and sandplain grassland. This configuration constitutes a significant change to the original proposal for a fence submitted July 16, 2017. Julie’s wire fence on the map that accompanied her letter. (Appendix Map B)

Additionally, a 2 person-wide path which has little or no impact on the vast acres of sandplain grassland. This would address the usability issues created by the new fence. These are the original paths that have been there for decades.

By removing the new fence on the edge of the forest, parallel to the Runway on the Harthaven side, you would be creating a larger, more natural, forested buffer between the Runway and Farm Neck Golf Course. No endangered plants are cited in this area.

Directing walkers through the forest trail is not friendly to users, especially seniors, the elderly and the physically challenged. In addition, many women who use Trade Wind Preserve are uncomfortable walking alone in the forested trail that comes out on the County Road side. The Harthaven Runway side does not contain identified endangered species.

Finally, Friends of Tradewinds agrees to set up a self-policing committee to help attain all of our mutual goals. We propose that the Land Bank agrees to meet with the Friends of Tradewinds to mutually assess the progress in January, 2019.

Thank you,

Phil Cordella

Friends of Tradewinds

Map A

Map B

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